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Sunday, May 29, 2005
What a Day
Well, Blogger decided to post my pics and the written part out of order...oh well. I'm way too tired to care. I spent 4 hours dyeing silk and some more cotton sateen. The sink in the laundry room is draining VERRRRRYYYYYY slowly so I now have the oranges in the hot water with Retayne round.....the pinks for my rose have been cold rinsed, hot washed with Retayne, and dried. Good grief that Retayne stinks!!!

I just went out and got the last of the cotton off the line. Thankfully it was finally dry as it has really clouded up and cooled off. Like Melody, I keep a close watch on the sky. Living anywhere near the Great Lakes one learns that the weather is subject to quick change with no notice. But, I'm happy. I got a lot done. I had planned to do some painting too (I have some of the cotton sateen that I did not pretreat with soda ash) but that will have to wait until the weather clears up next week.

And, sorry, no pics of the fabric on the line today...I was doing so much running back and forth trying to get everything done and then I ran out of space - even tho I have 5 lines I have to be careful because it's fairly windy today which is great for drying the fabrics but, if I hang them in line with each other I get *drift* from the wet fabrics snapping and sending splatters....I caught a few of them. So, as soon as a piece was dry it was out of there.....I will take pics after it's all rinsed, set and dryed.

Now my lower back, hips and knees feel like I have been beaten with a Louisville Slugger. Ever since I became ill I have gained weight due to absolutely no stamina (which NOW I know is because of the colitis) and the excess weight just makes the energy level lower and makes the arthritis hurt more. I am seeing my doc on June 1st and he is going to refer me to a surgeon in Grand Rapids (MI) who does lap banding....I want to see if I'm a candidate for the surgery....the only way I am ever going to be able to tolerate the amount of exercise I need to keep my weight down is to get some weight off! Talk about your Catch -22!!

I have to say, I sure admire Melody.....she lost so much weight AND she's brave enough to roller blade. I tried ice skating again a couple of years ago and paid for it for days. But, at least with ice skating, when you fall you slide with relatively little damage from said sliding. Can't say the same about hitting the asphalt!! I just can't afford any more broken bones because I heal so slowly. So...piss and moan and piss and moan.

Got a good 84 year old neighbor just called me (she's a character, that one....some days she drives me crazy but she is SO much fun!!) and she's all fired up because the woman is leading the Indy!!

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  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger Liz said…

    I'd like to rollerblade too but I've still got the bruise from taking an involuntary ride on Zachary's scooter a couple of weeks ago!

  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger Judi said…

    I know what the line flicker does - we had a scarf dyeing party and my bright scarf hit up against a neutral one and that made for one unhappy lady! I wonder if you could tie a fishing weight to a clothespin and hang it from the bottom of the fabric - then it can't flap as much and hit the others. Or would it pull the fabric off-grain. Hmmm.

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