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Monday, May 09, 2005
Busy, busy
I have been terrible about posting but I have just been SO busy!! Between trying to paint the inside of the house (it's been dirty ivory for 20+ years and I am SICK of it), cleaning, trying to do SOMETHING with the flower bed and running Joey to baseball or church 5 nights a week, I have NO time. I have fallen behind in reading email and blogs but today I decided to spend some time catching up (ok Mel, it's that procrastination thing one coat of paint done in the back hall and there it sits.....just call me Cary)......

So, I was reading along and got to Lisa P's blog (who, like me, is a procrastinator) and she talks about watching Phantom and crying....I haven't seen it yet but "Cold Case" really turned on the water works for me last night. The story took place in the 1930's. This 17 year old white girl becomes fascinated with a black girl of about the same age. The black girl dressed like a man and it soon becomes obvious that she is a lesbian and has fallen for the white girl. Billie (the black girl) ends up dead in a truck in the bottom of a river and is discovered 70+ years later. The white girl (Rose) doesn't tell the investigators the entire story at first but, eventually, it comes out. Billie and Rose stole Rose's brother's truck to run away to New York together. The brother is chasing them and shooting at them. The bridge is out ahead and Rose, knowing that her brother will kill Billie if he catches them, pledges to instead die with Billie in her arms. But Rose doesn't die and she spends the rest of her life regretting it (I also got the impression that the brother's relationship with his sister was incestuous). Rose continues on to NY where she marries and raises a family but she always misses Billie who was a wonderful poet. At the end, the investigators confront Rose who is sitting on a park bench because being in her apartment is making her feel short of breath. After the rest of the story is out and it is obvious that Billie's death was an accident, the investigators walk away, leaving Rose to her memories. Suddenly, Billie is there, in her pin-striped suit and snazzy hat. She holds her hand out to Rose to help her up and they walk away together....Rose changing from the 90 year old woman back to the beautiful 17 year old and you know she has died and reuinited with "her girl." It was such a sad and yet beautiful story. It makes me wonder why so many people have to feel threatened when they see two people together who don't fit the socially acceptible *norm.* Isn't it more important that 2 people really LOVE each other than whether they are of different nationalities or of the same sex? How does this threaten the sanctity of marriage? It isn't like everyone is going to turn queer and the human race is going to die out. And, would it be so terrible if the races were so intermixed that it no longer was an issue? Why are we so afraid of that which is different from ourselves??

Ok...back to painting.....

posted by Teri Springer @ 11:41 AM  
  • At 11:50 PM, Blogger Deb R said…

    I loved that episode of "Cold Case" and agree with your sentiments entirely!


    PS...thank you for the comment on my mother's day post. For some reason it didn't show up in my mailbox, but I just found it on-site. Belated hugs to you too.

  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger Sonji Hunt said…

    That IS a very moving story. I love Cold Case, but missed it this week. Thanks for reiterating the story. I also agree with your sentiments. Well said, Teri.

  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Elle said…

    What a great and moving storyline that was! I agree with how you feel. People reject what they don't understand and it's such a shame.

  • At 5:45 AM, Blogger Karoda said…

    I'm so outta the loop with tv shows but concur...I live in a state that just had a "NO" amendment passed last election against same sex marriage. The state politicians couldn't pass a budget but somehow they felt compelled to unite on this. Unbelievable!

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