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Sunday, May 29, 2005
Another Wierd Observation
What *normal* people mean when they say "I got a little color today" is COMPLETELY different than what a fabric dyer/painter means......

This occured to me as I was putting on my night gown and noted that I had "gotten some color" today....mostly orange and yellow.

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Well, isn't that nice?? I had spray painted the switch cover that goes on the wall I painted teal. Painted the cover bronze. The heads of the screws were ivory so I decided to paint them too. First I thought I would just put on a vinyl glove and hold the screws with a tweezers and paint them one at a time. Of course, then I'd have to hold each one until it dried. Since there are 6 this didn't sound much like fun. So, I came up with the *bright* idea to stand all 6 screws up by pushing them into the bottom of a foam meat tray (which I save to use for fabric painting and dyeing). Never occurred to me that the paint would react with the foam! What a mess...... Posted by Hello
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A new friend at the finch feeder. My orioles are back and now, so is my Indigo Bunting!! Posted by Hello
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What a Day
Well, Blogger decided to post my pics and the written part out of order...oh well. I'm way too tired to care. I spent 4 hours dyeing silk and some more cotton sateen. The sink in the laundry room is draining VERRRRRYYYYYY slowly so I now have the oranges in the hot water with Retayne round.....the pinks for my rose have been cold rinsed, hot washed with Retayne, and dried. Good grief that Retayne stinks!!!

I just went out and got the last of the cotton off the line. Thankfully it was finally dry as it has really clouded up and cooled off. Like Melody, I keep a close watch on the sky. Living anywhere near the Great Lakes one learns that the weather is subject to quick change with no notice. But, I'm happy. I got a lot done. I had planned to do some painting too (I have some of the cotton sateen that I did not pretreat with soda ash) but that will have to wait until the weather clears up next week.

And, sorry, no pics of the fabric on the line today...I was doing so much running back and forth trying to get everything done and then I ran out of space - even tho I have 5 lines I have to be careful because it's fairly windy today which is great for drying the fabrics but, if I hang them in line with each other I get *drift* from the wet fabrics snapping and sending splatters....I caught a few of them. So, as soon as a piece was dry it was out of there.....I will take pics after it's all rinsed, set and dryed.

Now my lower back, hips and knees feel like I have been beaten with a Louisville Slugger. Ever since I became ill I have gained weight due to absolutely no stamina (which NOW I know is because of the colitis) and the excess weight just makes the energy level lower and makes the arthritis hurt more. I am seeing my doc on June 1st and he is going to refer me to a surgeon in Grand Rapids (MI) who does lap banding....I want to see if I'm a candidate for the surgery....the only way I am ever going to be able to tolerate the amount of exercise I need to keep my weight down is to get some weight off! Talk about your Catch -22!!

I have to say, I sure admire Melody.....she lost so much weight AND she's brave enough to roller blade. I tried ice skating again a couple of years ago and paid for it for days. But, at least with ice skating, when you fall you slide with relatively little damage from said sliding. Can't say the same about hitting the asphalt!! I just can't afford any more broken bones because I heal so slowly. So...piss and moan and piss and moan.

Got a good 84 year old neighbor just called me (she's a character, that one....some days she drives me crazy but she is SO much fun!!) and she's all fired up because the woman is leading the Indy!!

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Studio Companions
A while back, our ring master Diane, asked us about our studio companions....ok, I'm a little slow. Anyway, currently my studio is just the far end of the living room so I have LOT'S of company....but below are my constant companions when at work.....
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Kharma the Chameleon.....(he's actually a puppet) Posted by Hello
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The Green Man.....he is a BIG influence on me!! Posted by Hello
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My quilt angel..... Posted by Hello
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Arnie.....I have a thing for armadillos.... Posted by Hello
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My two little bears watch all yet say little.... Posted by Hello
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And last, but certainly not least, "She Who Must Be Obeyed" Posted by Hello
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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Once again Blogger is refusing to let me leave comments. I really wanted to leave several on "Red Shoe Ramblings" ( Deb, I feel your pain. First, killing off Cait on NCIS was a BIG mistake. The back-and-forth between Tony and Cait is one of the best parts of the show. Well, I am hoping hte fact that there were 2 dream sequences in the show (Cait dreaming Gibbs' throat had been slashed and Abby's dream of Tony with blood on his face) is foreshadowing that Cait's death was also a (very bad) dream.

Lost left me lost. Matthew Fox was on Ellen this week and I thought he said we were going to finally see what the monster is. Snort....any "Forbidden Planet" fans out there who have seen "Lost"?? Sure seems like this monster is an awful lot like the "monster of the Id" from that (wonderfully classic) movie.

Desperate Housewives finale was ok. I felt sorry for Stephen (Rex)...killed off on yet another show. But, he was the obvious choice.

All-in-all, I found the season finales pretty disappointing this year.

Yes, I watch entirely too much TV....but I find I get a LOT of handwork done. I can't just sit and watch; gotta have something to do with my hands.

Star Wars....I haven't seen any of the new ones so, instead of just watching those, I am going to wait for some bad weather (AFTER QSDS) and rent the entire series.

Sigh....I am now 17 minutes late getting into the studio....shame on me.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My poor feet look like someone beat them with sledgehammers....or like I dropped something really heavy on them! No worries....just dye. Posted by Hello
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Aftermath of dyeing- yes, the dye went right thru the scrub pants and my legs are now blue. Good thing I don't have anywhere I have to go that requires I wear a dress or skirt!! Posted by Hello
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What I have Been Up To you are! I have been having fun dyeing and painting. I found a bolt of sateen (22 yards) from Dharma Trading that I forgot I had in my armoire. So, I have dyed some today and will do more the next day we have nice weather. I will also paint some of it with Pebeo Setacolor paints. I need to get the fabric done to take to QSDS in Columbus with me when I leave June 19th. Since it's going to rain the next couple of days I will get my patterns drawn out using transparencies and my overhead projector in the basement. I pin up newsprint (sometimes several pieces taped together) and trace it out. Then I take it to BC Reprographics in Battle Creek, MI and they make full size copies for me. I usually make 6 copies because I am going to be cutting up some for templates. The wall hanging for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center is going to be quite large and I haven't quite decided exactly what I am going to do so I am going to start out with a smaller version first and play around with it (the finished piece is to be about 5' x 3'). The other piece I am working on is a picture of an heirloom rose. This will be done in silk. The silk will be dyed Monday or Tuesday along with the rest of the sateen.

Oh, and I am STILL painting my house...but this has to wait for yucky weather.....

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Mixing my dyes the day before. Was going to dye on Tuesday but it kept threatening to rain and I didn't want to have freshly dyed fabric hanging on the line if it decided to pour out (it never did rain). Posted by Hello
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Multiple reds and blues along with one salmon (which looked like burnt orange to wasn't what I wanted- will have to work on that) and one black. All mixed up and ready to go. Posted by Hello
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My white sateen all cut into 1, 1.5 and 2 yard pieces in preparation for dyeing. Posted by Hello
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Today was pretty much all sky fabrics for my mural/wall quilt I am making for the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center in Augusta, Michigan (  Posted by Hello
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Nothing like beautiful fabric drying on the line on a sunny day.  Posted by Hello
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Piece on right was pinned to the clothesline at both ends and sea salt was sprinkled on it. Despite the wind it stayed on long enough to effect my dye. After the wind flipped all the salt off I released the one end to let the fabric flap in the wind to dry.  Posted by Hello
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The piece on the left is actually a very pale lavender (I tossed it in the bucket of water that I was using to rinse out sponges and clean off my hands (gloves). I left white space on the one to the right with the intention of doing some overdyeing later. Posted by Hello
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Piece on left has salt printing on it. I think the piece in the middle is my favorite. Posted by Hello
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All done dyeing for the day. One bucket still holds soda ash solution and fabric. I need to wring it out and run it thru the dryer so I can dye again on the next nice day (at the moment it looks like not before Monday or Tuesday). Posted by Hello
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Back hall photo without flash. Gives a fairly true representation of the teal wall. Posted by Hello
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Back hall- very narrow (only 38"). All teal would have been too dark but I didn't want to use all yellow either (the wall end you see on the right is the entry to the kitchen....there is about a 10' stretch of space here that is open making the kitchen and hallway really one open space). Posted by Hello
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Back hallway with the one coat of *mango* on the back door. The wall above the door and to the right will be a sunshine yellow. Posted by Hello
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View from the east. You can just see the fabric I dyed today hanging on the clothes line that is due west of the house. My Lilacs have yet to bloom- but they have lots of buds! Having them on the north side of the house slows them down. Guess I will plant them to the south, west and north of the new house so I can draw out the enjoyment. Lilacs are my favorite flowers for fragrance. Posted by Hello
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View from the west. You can see the trellis better (I designed it and a local welder made it for me). You can see our travel trailer (Nomad- for you Star Trek fans); I need to clean it up and stock it so we can haul it up to the UP. The little sitting area with the cypress chairs is my summer breakfast room . Posted by Hello
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Garden looking south. My cypress furniture (made from trees brought down in Hurricane Andrew), birdbath and feeder (bath needs to be leveled and feeder needs filling); columbine is in bloom and several of the iris' I bought last year are almost in bloom. Still have some weeds to pull and the weed barrier to put down (I use about 10 sheets of newspaper held down with stones and wood chips between. Can't use just the chips because the dog digs them up). Posted by Hello
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